CHERUB DREAM RECORDS was started by a couple of friends who were mutually feeling bored by everything. so we set off to be your favorite label instead. punk in ethos, but anti-genre in practice; we put out music that feels exciting to us. 

we are especially interested in: fringe things that are gritty around the edges; walls of sound; ambient textures; lyrics buried in the mix; pop sensibilities; industrial and glitch elements; ethereal aesthetics; deconstructed genre tropes; tape hiss; obscure references and niche scenes; something surprising; a great hook; all at the same time, or not.

CHERUB DREAM is looking for artists making cool work, visionaries, queers, outsiders, and freaks from all over who are dedicated to a diy/do-it-together mentality, abolition, and QTPOC liberation.

we are based in SF, CA.


if you are
  • musician with a hot demo
  • a store looking to carry our inventory
  • interested in clearing a sample or licensing one of our releases
  • want to get involved
please email:


be sure to include a little about yourself, brief bio, and why you think we’d be a good fit for each other.

if you are
  • a blog interested in covering one of our releases
  • an artist or writer looking to collaborate on a zine
  • general questions

please email cherub.dream.press@gmail.com

please note that we have the budget of a small independent label, so we have to be really choosy about what we accept. also note that this is a small operation, and it can either take a while to respond or things may fall through the cracks. feel free to follow up if you don’t hear back in a reasonable time.

thank you all, always, forever
  •  interested in covering one of our releases
  • An artist or writer looki collaborate on a zine
  • Gen